Thursday, March 4, 2010

my dreams,my life

I am passing through a cave. there is no light is far away. I walked for miles. suddenly on a roof a crack appears and some rays fall upon me. I m happy and surprised. i continue further but after some distance again darkness appears. but i have hope for next crack. but i still dont know whether i m on a right way or the wrong one. Even, i dont know the next end of this cave is open ....further I continue....further on the way i am feeling a sharp breeze, perhaps indicating the direction, supporting me, giving me relax, it seems it came only for me, i am following it..really i began to love it,,,and it too cares for gives me a hope to live again with full of hapiness, but now what is happening, why i m getting far from it, why it feel me hot sometimes, oh i feel thirsty, but i dont want to let it leave me, it changes its direction, it is leaving me, but i can't to force it to guide me, i must have to let it go, i m on the halfway, again alone, again confused, whether to go, dont know the way is wright or wrong, but still walking on the same way with a little hope to see the open sky.........some dreams say something, sometimes ur life.....Anubhav(anugunjan on twitter, anugunjan1 in skype).......

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