Sunday, February 2, 2014


The time has come,
When the two things combine,
One is winter,
Another is wine.

Welcome the season,
And the blossoms in the Pines,
The days of remembrance,
Time of mine and time of thine.

Days felt greasy,
And a dim sun shines,
Winds become fatal,
Mist is flying.

Eve is colorful,
With colors of divine,
A beautiful horizon,
Earth and azure joins.

The night is lonely,
Stars sing rhymes,
Moon rises behind the clouds,
Like grape vine.

Goblets are over brimmed,
And a lonely dine,
The cinders are on fire.
Towers rang the midnight chime.

Loggia looks orange
With the fire it shines,
Someone sings segregations,
Perhaps, a Canoeist from riverine

Memories give warmth,
Somnolence from the wine.
Now, It would good to go to doss,
To see morning milky rime.
---Anubhav Verma

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